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  团结的气力 Sum of the Parts
  马克·库柏 Mark Cooper
  05/30 7-9pm 讲座 Lecture
  05/31 2-5, 6-9pm 事情坊 Workshop
  Mark Cooper is a multi-media installation artist from the U.S. In the lecture on 30th of May, he will talk about his creative practice which includes his individual work, collaborative work and public projects, as well as his work as a teacher. It will also be an open forum for questions about the contemporary art world, specifically in the US. So please come with questions!
  During the workshop on the 31st of May, we will foster a collaboration between individuals and groups from the various communities both within and outside of CAA, creating a dialogue surrounding the theme of ‘exclaves’. An exclave is “a portion of territory of one state completely surrounded by territory of another or others.”
  正在蒲月三十一日的事情坊中,我们将用协作的体式格局去建立小我私家,集体,和社群之间的衔接,并盘绕着“浮岛”这个主题停止自立的探究。浮岛指 “属于某国的一部分领地被另国领地或别的非本属性范畴完全的围困”。
  Mark Cooper teaches at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Boston College, and his work has been shown and collected around the world, in major museums including the Whitney Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, Kemper Museum, LIST Museum of MIT, and numbers of public collections. 
  马克如今任教于波士顿美术馆黉舍和波士顿学院。他的作品已被多个重量级美术馆展出和珍藏,包孕惠特妮美术馆,波士顿美术馆,波士顿当代艺术馆,堪萨斯Kemper美术馆,麻省理工学院LIST美术馆, 和多个公立珍藏机构。
  Please scan QR code to reserve your seat at the lecture and the workshop. This event is free, including all materials for creation. js1158.con金沙


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